The 2nd Annual Ministry Fair will be held on September 12th/13th following each of the weekend Masses. All Committees, Groups, and Ministries are invited to be present to talk with parishioners about the many opportunities to be active members of St. Therese. You are also invited to supply treats and have visual aids to encourage and welcome visitors to visit your table. Each group is responsible for staffing their own space. Please submit the form below by September 6th to register your group. If you have any questions, please contact Alice Kennedy.

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Zoo Interchange Alert

August 9, 2009 by admin

The following post is from Dianne Dagelen, parishioner and member of the Zoo Interchange Committee.

Friends and Neighbors:

In order for your Zoo Interchange Comment to count, you need to identify which DOT (Dept of Transportation) plan you prefer. Voicing only your concerns will not count toward the plan that DOT selects. If you did not specify a plan in a prior Comment, you may do so with an additional Comment form. You may send in more than one form. Only Comments received after the June 24th Environmental Impact Statement draft will be counted. Earlier Comments have been discarded.

See below for Comment mailing address, fax or email address. Form is attached. The deadline for Comments on the Zoo Interchange has been extended to August 10th.

In addition to identifying specific issues that you believe DOT inadequately or incorrectly dealt with (eg., rail, wetlands, noise, ponds), you need to specify which of the five alternatives you prefer: No-Build, 6 lane N1, 6 lane N3, or 8 lane (N1 or N3). Go to for maps and descriptions of each. Summary of DOT draft Environmental Impact Statement:

No-Build: Cost: $960 Million. Retains current concrete footprint, with some safety improvements and additions made. Bridges will be re-built; roads rebuilt and maintained.

Impact: No additional concrete/impermeable space to the current 9 mile interchange. All 7.1 acres of wetlands untouched. No loss of natural areas. No retention / detention ponds. Honey Creek and Underwood Parkways remain intact (no clear-cutting). Zoo and Chippewa Park remain intact. Oak Leaf bike trail remains intact. Monarch Trail, including south berm, whole nectaring area and oak savanna, remain intact. No Texas U-Turns at 84th St. All exits and exit locations remain. No effect to floodplain. No loss of private residences or their tax base.

Six Lane (N1 or N3): Cost: $2.16 Billion. Interchange is modernized. All exits moved to right side of expressway. Wider, longer ramps; Texas U-Turns at 84th St.; N&S exits at Bluemound removed. Up to 61 electrical transmission towers to be relocated. Six to 31 residences (depending on DOT sub-plan chosen) will be removed. Milwaukee, Wauwatosa and West Allis will experience loss of property tax revenue.

Impact: 32% increase in concrete space. Approximately 3.3 acres wetlands lost, including .3 acres (N1) or all .42 acres (N3) of wetlands surrounding south berm of Monarch Trail. Floodplain increased by 0.1 acre, but no deemed adverse effect, The Zoo loses 15 acres, and .1 acre from Chippewa Park. Three to 4 acres of the Zoo’s vegetative buffer zone would be clear cut for a utility easement to relocate transmission towers. Swan Blvd moves 3 feet south into drip line (tree roots) of the Monarch Trail’s oak savanna. 92nd St. is extended from Watertown Plank through Co. Grounds to north Swan Blvd.

Additional concrete and reduced wetlands require detention ponds: 4 acres clear cut at Honey Creek Pkwy–stream bed may be completely removed from west of 84th St.; 5 acre pond at Underwood Pkwy–Oak Leaf bike trail “relocated”; 3 acre pond at Monarch Trail’s south berm–wetlands filled in east of former south berm and between south and north berm. Honey Creek east of 84th St. to have concrete lining removed, along with trees. Underwood to have bottom lining removed, but side concrete lining to remain.

Eight Lane (N1 or N3): Cost: $2.31 Billion. Same modernization as for Six Lane, but a lane is added in each direction.

Impact: 43.25% increase in concrete space. 3.4 acres of wetland lost, including entire .42 acres surrounding south berm at Monarch Trail. Floodplain fill increased by 0.2 acre, but no deemed adverse effect. The Zoo loses 15.3 acres, and .2 acre natural space from Chippewa Park. Swan Blvd is moved south 6 feet into drip line (tree roots) of Monarch Trail oak savanna; 87 feet closer (with N3) on west to Eschweiler Bldgs. Additional concrete and reduced wetlands require detention ponds as described for Six Lane plan, but a building would be removed near Honey Creek for the increased size pond required.

Safety and Congestion: Although DOT is promoting expansion of the zoo interchange to reduce congestion and thereby increase safety, research*(google “induced congestion”) indicates that highway expansion increases congestion. (If you build it, they will come.) We have only to drive the Marquette interchange to know that traffic still comes to a standstill at rush hour. The travel time from downtown to the zoo interchange has been reduced by about 3 minutes. In addition, highway expansion furthers urban sprawl, leading to even more congestion, at the expense of those living in and near the city. With more congestion, comes more noise and air pollution as well, even though DOT insists that the highway expansion will make traffic continually move faster.

Rail Ignored: The draft Environmental Impact Statement does not include accommodation for rail right-or-way. Nor does it include rail when considering reduction of traffic, congestion, air or noise pollution, or the loss of green space. The money saved by the No-Build option instead of the 8-lane expansion ($1.35 Billion), could be spent on high speed rail to Madison/Chicago; metra rail to Waukesha, Green Bay and Oshkosh; road/bridge repair within Milwaukee Co.; returning inter-city buses and routes. “Forward 45” planning contractors for the zoo interchange are thinking backwards by not including mass transit. Milwaukee Common Council recently posted opposition to this neglect.

Detention Ponds: Clear-cutting of trees for detention ponds is an eye-sore. It means a loss of green space that reduces air and noise pollution, while softening the concrete that surrounds us. Ponds collect grease, oil, rock salt and heavy metals from highway run-off, which is so foul that it requires fencing. They stink, collect geese, algae and mosquitoes. Ponds present a safety and liability risk to children who would climb their fences. The ponds will reduce property values of surrounding neighborhoods. They would permanently degrade Parkways which DOT confirms as eligible for the National Register.

Monarch Trail: The loss of the south berm and the filling in of its surrounding wetlands will substantially remove nectaring plants to sustain the monarchs and other butterflies. The fill will drastically change the topography so as to alter or remove the windbreak of the north berm. This could ultimately affect the monarch’s migration. It would also eliminate the natural habitat supporting the ground-nesting birds in the area. In addition, the Swan Blvd expansion will likely cut into the tree roots of the oak savanna where the monarchs roost, causing the trees’ eventual death, as occurred at the Research Park. The extension of 92nd St. through the County Grounds will further its dissection.

Send your Comments as follows. Be sure to cc your local officials: mayor, city alderperson(s), county supervisor, state senator and representative. Request that they convey these concerns to DOT directly.

Mail: James Liptack, P.E., Wis DOT, SE Transportation Region, P.O. Box 798 Waukesha, WI 53187-0798

Fax: (262) 548-5662 Be sure to put James Liptack’s name on the fax

Email: Be sure to include your identifying information as requested on the Comment form: full name, address and phone number.

Dianne Dagelen
Wauwatosa, WI

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Music Ministries Revisited

August 3, 2009 by admin

It’s that time again — the time of year to look ahead and plan for fall and winter, even though the outside temperatures are still heated up. Our music ministry programs are gearing up for the Fall Season. All the music ministries are accepting new members.

Canticle Choir provides sung prayer leadership at funerals. It rehearses the second Tuesday each month from September through May.

Cantor Ministry provides sung leadership at the 5:00 pm and 8:00 am weekend liturgies and the 10:00 liturgy on the third Sunday of the month. The schedule is flexible and rehearsals are planned at your convenience.

Cherub Choir — for children ages 3-8 years old — sings for the Multigenerational Christmas Liturgy and at the 10:00 am Liturgy on Mother’s Day.

Instrumentalist: No matter what instrument you play well, St. Therese Music Ministry will find liturgies for you to accompany. High School students are encouraged to join this ministry. The 10:30 Mass Praise Band would love to have a drummer join them. Yes, this position is still open.

Sound Board Ministry: Maintain consistently good sound for liturgies. Training is provided at your convenience. 5:00 pm weekend Masses are especially in need of Sound Board Ministers.

St. Therese Sunday Choir provides sung prayer leadership at the 10:30 am weekend liturgies. Rehearsals are Wednesdays at 7:30 pm.

Participating in any parish ministry rewards you in ways you could not have imagined.
Ask our current participants: they’ll gladly tell you why they keep coming back year after year.

If any of these ministries sounds intriguing, contact Elterine (Dusty) at:

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Rain Garden View 2
A rain garden is created with a shallow depression that traps runoff and provides drainage so stormwater is filtered and returned to the aquifer instead of storm sewers. It is usually planted with native species. Rain gardens increase the amount of water that filters into the ground, recharging local aquifers. They help protect from flooding and drainage problems.
Rain gardens protect streams and lakes from pollutants carried by urban storm water such as lawn fertilizers, pesticides, oil residue, etc.. They provide habitat for birds and butterflies.
Rain Garden View

A rain garden enhances the beauty of yards and neighborhoods. Consider planting a rain garden. For more information go to

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Little Flower Quilters

July 28, 2009 by admin

To anyone interested in helping out with the Craft Fair Quilt, please attend the next meeting on August 6th at 7:00pm in Miriam’s Corner. All quilters are invited to attend! If you can’t make the meeting, or would like further information, please talk to Gladys Sachse, or call Cathy or Courtney in the Parish Office.

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St. Therese is trying some new fundraisers this year, and one that we decided on is a Craft Fair, which will be held on November 7th/8th. For all of the details, including the application and volunteer forms, please visit our Craft Fair page. Here are a few of the specifics that we need help with:

  • To any quilters out there—we are reviving the Little Flower Quilters to create a beautiful item for the Craft Fair’s raffle. If you are interested in helping out, please come to an informational meeting on Wednesday, July 22nd at 7:00pm in Miriam’s Corner.
  • We need plenty of crafters to fill Heck Hall. A 10′ x 10′ booth (including table and chairs, if you want) is only $50 for the two-day event. If you don’t want to host your own booth, how about donating an item or two that St. Therese can sell? We also need larger handmade items for our raffle.
  • Are you able and willing to help out on the weekend of the event? We need everything from set-up and take-down helpers to raffle ticket sellers to popcorn poppers!
  • We appreciate any monetary donations as well. If we are able to cover the costs of the licenses and food up front, then everything we take in that weekend will be profit!

Thank you to those of you who have registered already! We’re looking forward to a very crafty weekend in November. If you have any further questions, please contact the craft fair coordinators or leave a comment below.

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This year there are many exciting activities and crafts planned for the young members of St. Therese who participate in the Christian Formation Program. To help offset some of the expenses for materials please consider donating the following items or gift cards to the stores frequented.

Items needed:
Baby Wipes
Glue/Glue Sticks
Colored Tissue Paper
Poster Board
Storage Crates/Totes/Bins

Stores Frequented:
Jo-Ann Fabrics/Michael’s
Office Depot
Oriental Trading Co
Pick ‘N Save Food Stores
Sam’s Club/Walmart

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Zoo Interchange Project

June 25, 2009 by admin

The Zoo Interchange project is moving forward, and they want your input. This is your chance to make your voice heard. Please visit the DOT website for the project and click on “Zoo Interchange Project” in the left column. You will find plenty of detailed information about the proposed plans, environmental impact, conceptual timeline, and more. Regardless of which plan is enacted, our St. Therese grounds will be affected.The planning committees are very interested in public input. Please fill out the comment form and postmark it by July 13th to be added to public record. A brief summary of the Environmental Impact Statement is available at the entrances of church. A comment form is included. Please mail in your comments, or bring them back to church and we will make sure they get to the proper authorities. We must have all comments by July 12th.

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St. Therese Festival 2009

June 22, 2009 by admin

It was the decision of the Parish Council with support of the parishioners in October of 2008 that St. Therese Parish will no longer be hosting a summer festival. We would like to thank everyone who has attended in the past, all the volunteers who worked numerous shifts, and all the vendors who put forth a great effort each year. We appreciate everyone who gave of their time, talent, and monetary donations to make our festival successful for so many years.

We are looking into having some different fundraisers this year, so please keep checking back for more information.

Thanks again for your interest and continued support.

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The website will be undergoing some changes this summer. Please take this short survey to tell us how you use our website. You will also be helping us understand why you come to our website, and what we could do to make it more user-friendly. Your input may very well have an impact on the way the site is redone. If you have any complaints at all, this is the place to share them! The survey is completely anonymous, so please be as honest as you can. You will not be contacted by anyone from St. Therese Parish.

Please click here to open the survey.

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