Classroom Notes: 2018-2019

Creche at St. ThereseCreche

The families of the Christian Formation program gathered together around the creche on the last day of class before Christmas.  They joined in singing and praising God.  They received a special blessing to help them to let Christ fill their hearts with love. St. Joseph and the Virgin Mary are models of parental love.  The baby Jesus is love itself.  We are wise to keep these visual reminders in a prominent place in our homes



2nd and 3rd Grade Handmade Nativity ScenesHandmade Nativity Scenes

The 2nd and 3rd grade students, under the direction of Sr. Marilyn, have fully immerse themselves in the spirit of Christmas. They studied the Nativity story and prepared their own creche.  These scenes remind them and their families of the true Christmas meaning amid the busyness of the holiday season.  The art work focuses their thoughts in quiet prayer.




Prayer Trays

Each of the elementary religious education classes has a prayer tray. We invite you to strengthen the church/home connection by doing the same in your home.

A prayer tray can be changed frequently to adapt to the colors of the season or to coordinate with school or team colors. If you are praying about a particular event, add a symbol of that. The members of your household may add symbols to include their prayers of thanks, petition or forgiveness. The prayer tray may be used for communal prayer if kept on the dining table, or for personal prayer on entering and leaving the home.

These ideas are offered as one more way to help you in your most important activity…PRAYING…which is raising your heart and mind to God.