Classroom Notes: 2019-2020

Kick-Off Catechist Meeting
This year, the Church will celebrate Catechetical Sunday on September 15th. Dr. Jean Marie Weber, director for the K through 8 program at St. Therese, has been preparing the catechists and aides. The beginning of a new year of religious formation is a good time to remember the role that each of us, as baptized Catholics, is called to fulfill in the handing on of our faith.


Children's Liturgy of the WordChildren’s Liturgy of the Word (CLOW)
CLOW takes place during the Sunday Mass. The words of the Bible are read. Then these words come alive with the help of the teacher. In this lesson, the children considered how hard it was for Jesus to carry His cross and spread His message of love and forgiveness. They placed their own hand prints next to the cross to show that they have decided to join with Jesus in His work.We would be pleased to talk with you about joining CLOW as a catechist. Talk to Heather in the Parish Office.


AngelSecond and Third Graders Study Angels
Angels are part of both Catholic scripture and Catholic tradition.  The angels are servants and messengers of God.  The second and third graders have been studying and honoring them.  The Feast Day of the Archangels is September 29th and the Feast Day of the Guardian Angels is October 2nd.  Everyone benefits from the mysterious and powerful help of angels.
The Children are asked to memorize and pray the Prayer to our Guardian Angel.



Superpower of Prayer
The Church invites the faithful to regular prayer and the Catechism calls it a vital necessity. The youngest classes are being encouraged to explore to power of prayer. When they feel in need of help, or wish to offer help to others, calling on God can be their superpower.