Click on any bullet point to learn more about the ministry. If you are interested in joining any of these, please contact the Parish Office, unless otherwise stated. If you would like to reserve a meeting space for your group, please fill out this form, or call Heather in the Parish Office.

Liturgical Ministries

  • Altar Servers assist in the celebration of Eucharist. Servers are scheduled at Mass. Anyone—First Communion through senior citizens, male or female—is encouraged to participate in this ministry of the altar.
  • Eucharistic Ministers assist in the distribution of the consecrated bread and wine at Masses. They also have preparation duties before Mass and clean up after Mass. This ministry is open to any confirmed Catholic.
  • Eucharistic Minister to the sick and homebound bring communion to those who are sick or homebound after receiving Communion at mass.
  • Greeters extend a welcome to everyone who enters the church. Hand out seasonal hymnals as well. Individuals or families with children can be greeters. Expected to be present 20 minutes prior to the beginning of Mass and are scheduled at the Mass of their choice.
  • Lay Presiders preside at the Liturgy of the Word with Communion held in our chapel Thursday and Friday mornings at 8:00am. They may also be trained to preside at Funeral Vigils and Funeral Committals.
  • Lectors proclaim the Scripture readings at mass, and are expected to prepare through prayer and practice.
  • Ushers assist people in finding a place to sit in church, take up the monetary collections, and help people go in an orderly manner to receive the Eucharist. Ushers respond to emergencies. Ushers also help lock the church at the end of the day. All ages of parishioners are welcome to be ushers. 

  • Prayer & Worship Committee Members discuss/plan upcoming liturgical events as well as meet with the various liturgical ministry groups. Please contact for more information, or to join. 

Finance & Administration

  • Collection Counters count the weekend collections. There are multiple teams on a rotating basis. Background checks and confidentiality are required per archdiocese. 

  • This committee makes recommendations to the parish council concerning all aspects of parish financial and budget matters, stewardship of resources, church support and fundraising, personnel, and upkeep of the physical facilities and properties of the parish. The committee prepares the annual parish budget based on the goals and objectives determined by the parish council as it discerns the needs of the parishioners in the areas of prayer and worship, religious education, and social justice concerns. The activities and recommendations of this standing committee are firmly rooted in the biblical concept of stewardship. 

  • The Parish Council oversees all the committees and ministries of the parish. When necessary, they make decisions on behalf of the parish, with the parish Administrator. If you have any questions, comments or concerns you’d like to share with the council, please email them at 

  • Office Volunteers assist in preparing mailings, stuffing bulletins, making and taking phone calls, and other light office duties as necessary. 

Parish Catechesis

  • Christian Formation Committee helps implement programs to meet the needs of the Lifelong Faith Formation. 

  • Library Committee keeps the Parish Library current with updated books and dvds on a variety of topics for adults and children
  • Crafters make banners, table cloths, and other miscellaneous items for the catechetical environment throughout the liturgical year.
  • Age-Specific Catechesis
    • Catechetical Aids act as helpers for our catechetical programs, Tasks may include making photo copies, putting together packets, mailings, and making phone calls as related to grade-specific catechesis programs including Teen Connection and Getting Connected.
    • Catechists lead catechetical programs for children and youth.
    • CLOW Catechists break open the Word for children during the 9:00am mass.
    • Small Group Leaders lead small groups of youth during catechesis sessions.

Music Ministries

  • Canticle Choir primarily provides sung prayer leadership at funerals. The choir also ministers at other liturgical services. The Canticle Choir rehearses the second Tuesday each month from September through May.
  • Cantor Ministry provides sung leadership at the 5:00pm and 9:00am weekend liturgies. The schedule is flexible and rehearsals are planned at your convenience. There is a short audition for this ministry.
  • Childrens Choir, for ages 3-8 years, sings for the Intergenerational Christmas Liturgy.
  • Instrumentalists accompany all the liturgies. No matter what you play well, St. Therese Music Ministry will find liturgies for you. High School students are encouraged to join this ministry.
  • St. Therese Sunday Choir provides sung prayer leadership at the 10:30am weekend liturgies. Rehearsals are Wednesdays at 7:30pm in the Chapel. Choir members, visit the digital bulletin board by clicking here.
  • Sound Board Ministers provide consistently good sound for liturgies. 5:00pm weekend Masses are especially in need of Sound Board Ministers.

Building & Grounds Care

  • Art & Environment Committee decorates and maintains the environment of the church for each liturgical season. Decor is created from the liturgy of the word in a welcoming and hospitable manner within the parameters set by the Catholic Church. They report to the Prayer & Worship Committee.
  • Building and Grounds Committee
  • Lawn Care Team cuts and trims lawn for the church and parish house.
  • Church Helpers tidy up the church once a month. Duties include straightening hymnals, replacing worship aids, and removing any trash from pews. Families with children are encouraged to join this ministry.
  • Family Room Ministers wash toys, sort through and recycle old coloring books and crayons in the Family Room once per month.
  • Heck Hall Crew sets up or takes down tables and chairs used in Heck Hall for parish events. Time required varies.
  • Kitchen Crew clean-up following any events held in Heck Hall (including funerals, and catechetical/other parish events) and make sure the kitchen is clean and ready for the next group to use.

Human & Social Concerns

  • These volunteers determine the recipients of St. Therese’s outreach during Advent and Lent, and coordinate the entire outreach effort.
  • GTI volunteers minister to the elderly in the community. Volunteer opportunities include driving people to appointments and visiting.
  • The Green Team cares for the environmental and ecological issues of our parish, parish property, and facilities with the guidance of Christ’s teachings to be good stewards of the earth. Although this committee is a ministry of Human Concerns, it also reports to the BUilding and Grounds Committee since its concern encompasses the entire parish property and affects the parish budget. For more information, please click here.
  • The members of the Human Concerns Committee guide parishioners to share gifts of ministry for the human and social concerns of our parish and for the wider community of God’s people, especially the poor. This committee provides education on social justice issues and advocacy on behalf of the Gospel.
  • These members pray for others. Each month, a list of people requesting prayers is sent to members of the prayer network along with their intentions.
  • This committee supports all forms of life and is committed to education and prayer for life.
  • Members of this Society visit those in material need and work with the St. Vincent dePaul Central Office in extending aid in the form of certificates, food, or vouchers to those requesting help.
  • The St. Vincent dePaul Meal Program members prepare a meal once a month and serve it at the St. Vincent dePaul meal program site.
  • The Sharing Sunday Committee selects the recipient of our Sharing Sunday collections from the organizations that request assistance. They also arrange to have speakers representing that charity, and provide welcome and hospitality for the guest speaker.