Parish Support Commitment 2018

September 16th, 2018

The theme for our 2018 St. Therese Stewardship effort is “God First in Living and Giving”. How could any of us put God in any other place?  This theme gives us all cause to rethink our stewardship…Could we give more time?  More talent?  More treasure?

Please prayerfully consider putting God first, and then complete your stewardship form.

Return the form during our Commitment Weekend, the feast of our patron, St. Therese of Lisieux.  This year we will be celebrating it on the week-end of September 29th -30th.  It is important that we hear from you that week-end or shortly thereafter.  It assists in the preparation of the parish budget and our ministries in their planning.

Lastly, don’t confuse our 2018 St. Therese Stewardship Annual Commitment effort with the Archdiocesan Appeal.  This Stewardship is for OUR parish, St. Therese!

So…Please pray, complete and return the enclosed form.

God’s Blessings to your family,

The Stewardship Committee,

  • Jim Balliet
  • Cathy Bleidorn
  • Tim Graf
  • Jim Holmes
  • Christine Jensen
  • Mel Mickey
  • Anne Nee
  • Linda Okruhlica
  • Pat Touchett