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Entertainment Book Sales

August 19, 2009 by admin

Our Entertainment Book Sales are finally and officially underway! The books arrived this week, so thank you to all who have sold in advance. This weekend will be your first opportunity to pick up your books to deliver your orders. The books are $35 each, but anyone who’s had one before knows that they pay for themselves in just a few uses. We will be selling them after all masses one weekend a month until the end of the year. We will also be selling them all weekend at our Craft Fair on November 7th/8th. Take a peek at this flyer to see just a few of the businesses that offer coupons in the book.

Do you spend winters in a warmer climate? Or perhaps you’d like to give one as a gift to relatives in another state. You can now purchase Entertainment Books for any region in the country and still give credit to St. Therese. Simply click here to go to the website to search for the book you want and order it online. A lot of other regions are even cheaper than the Milwaukee edition! If you are uncomfortable ordering online, please contact Courtney or Cathy in the Parish Office to request your book, and once we receive your check to cover the amount, we will place the order for you.

This is an amazing fundraiser for us. If each family in our parish purchases just one book (500 total), we will earn $8500 pure profit. All we have to do is sell 50 books to reach the highest profit margin. At that point, we will be earning 50% of each book’s cover price. We would like to make this a yearly event, but it depends how well it goes this year. Please help us reach our goal by asking your family and friends to purchase one, or buy them as Christmas gifts–they’re good until November 2010.

Still not sure if you’re ready to buy one? Please stop by our table under the balcony at church this weekend and thumb through one of the books. We’re sure that you’ll find plenty of businesses that you already patronize. You will save money on the things you already purchase! That’s just smart shopping.

Thanks to all of you who have already supported this endeavor!