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Fear not, Let us hold fast to our Faith

March 19, 2020 by Heather

Prayer Resources

  • Step Out Stronger | Leave Quarantine Closer to Christ – Our days in isolation will come to an end. When they do, will you emerge weaker or stronger? Choose to use May in order to come out stronger. In these 30 days, rather than dwelling on what we might be missing, we’re focusing on Jesus, giving one percent of each day in prayer and completing a simple daily action to grow in love for God and neighbor. Find out more information and register HERE.
  • Pause & Pray | Virtual Daily Prayer for Women – This is a time of busy-ness and boredom, loneliness and laziness. Our routines are disrupted. We experience uncertainty. We see the blessings of this extended time of staying at home and we meet new challenges. But we know that now, more than ever, we need Jesus. If amid all the change you are struggling in your prayer life, you are not alone. Join us each weekday at 2 pm via Zoom for 15 minutes of prayer. Slip away by yourself if you can. If you can’t, put it on in the background or watch the recording. We want to pray for you and with you. Please come along on this journey with us. Please register HERE to receive the information.
  • Virtue Small Group Resource for Catholic Mothers – If you’re looking to connect with other moms, we’ve got you covered. Even if you’ve never led a small group before, we made it easy. The Virtue small group for moms is six sessions about the virtues and how you can incorporate them into your own life as a quarantined mom.
    The leader guide has everything you need to get started. There is even guidance on what to look for in discussion question responses. The participant guide has all the readings and space to journal. Both are downloadable pdfs.  Reach out to a few friends and start connecting.
  • The Archdiocese has put together an at-home resource for Holy Week. This guide includes Catholic rituals and practical suggestions  Between communal prayers, reflections, hymns, and even movie options, this guide should aid you and your family to dive deep into this most holy of weeks. You can download the at-home guide here.
  • View Pope Francis’s prayer service, Urbit et Orbi. It is a very powerful prayer and blessing from the Pope at this fearful time.
  • Courageous Communion: Daily Living for Quarantined Catholics – Resources from the Archdiocese
  • View Daily Reflections by Archbishop Listeck, Auxiliary Bishop Jeffrey Haines, and Auxiliary Bishop James Schuerman on You Tube.
  • Bishop Robert Baron has recorded daily Mass on his website, “Word on Fire.”
  • Subscribe to the 3 Minute Retreats from Loyola Press
  • Download the Daily Prayer from Liturgy Training Publications. Go to their website and click on “Today’s Prayer.”
  • Find the daily readings on the United States Council of Catholic Bishops website.
  • Find resources for Managing Coronavirus Anxiety, Managing Anxiety, and Prayer and Spiritual Life in Times of Stress.

Community Resources

A Message from Fr. Joe

Dear Friends in Christ,

No doubt we are faced with a very difficult and critical situation with the spreading of Corona virus beyond all borders and boundaries, breaking all barriers. Our entire life is disrupted. The entire humanity seems to be affected.Life and activity has almost come to a standstill. There is so much uncertainty and fear, so much anxiety and worry. As a people of faith how are we coping? Where do we find hope and strength? Where do we look for comfort and assurance?

The one phrase that came to my mind and keeps coming again and again is, what Jesus told his frightened disciples after his Resurrection when he appeared to them, Fear not, it is me”…… Yes, it is Me, says Jesus to us today. Fear not! God has not abandoned us. Our God is faithful even unto death. This is what we remember during the season of Lent. Let us believe God is with us in it and in-spite of all these. We will get through this though not without hardship or some inconvenience. Nothing is impossible for God! But as people of faith we also need to ask, what God is saying to us through this crisis. Let us pause and listen to Him. I am sure God will have something to tell each one of us. Listen to Him, fear not! This is our Faith.

Friends, I believe our Faith alone can help us to cope with this situation. So this is a great opportunity for all of us to get in touch with the gift of faith we all share.Let us revive and rekindle it to shed its light and hope on our path of darkness. St.Paul exhorted his beloved disciple Timothy who was facing hardship and persecution, “Fan into flame, the gift of faith which you have received”… (2Timothy 1: 6). Our Faith is in Jesus, who conquered all the forces of death and darkness and brought us new life and hope. Let us be assured that He is with us in our Fears, anxieties and worries as he promised, “I will be with you always, till the end of time”. Let us take this as an invitation to pause and to get in touch with the author of our life and destiny. We are just His creatures, not the Creator. As St.Paul says, “In Him we live, move and have our being” Nothing can happen to us without his knowing and will. (Acts. 17: 28). We all stand poor before Him. We need Him more than anything else at this time. Let us turn to God in humility and trust and seek His mercy and protection.

Let us be united with the whole human family in prayer and supplication. Let us specially pray for the people affected, and the doctors, nurses and all the people involved in the care of patients as well as those working for a cure and prevention. Let us entrust ourselves and the whole world to the mercy and protection of God through the intercession of Mary our Mother. Fear not, but trust in Him.

Today is the Feast of St. Joseph a man of immense faith. As I celebrated the Mass of my own Patron saint today, I specially prayed for you all and all your loved one sand prayed for God’s protection.

Pope Francis on this Feast has called everyone, to join him in prayer today at 9:00PM ( our 3:00PM)no matter where you are, any creed or religion to pray, reflect,or meditate for the healing of the world. We can pray at our time as well, do not worry. He called us to pray the Rosary (Luminous Mysteries) or any other Mysteries. So Let us join him in prayer sometime today. You can pray any prayer you like. Psalm 91 is a great Psalm to reflect and pray for God’s protection.

Let us be united in prayer and support each other. Try to pray as a family. Read some passages you like from the Bible. Spent some quality time with your family.Connect or reconnect with your family and friends.

We have also given you some links and references in our Website as well as on the Bulletin.

Please feel free to call the parish or email if you have any questions or concerns.

With Prayers and Blessings.

Fr. Joe.