Classroom Notes: 2020-2021

1st Communion BannersFirst Communion
Congratulations to a delayed but all important and blessed first communion. Three children, now third graders, received Eucharist for the first time at the end of September. Their banners were visible to all, either in church or streaming for liturgy.



Grapevine2The Grapevine
The Kindergarten/1st graders have been learning about how we are all connected to each other by Jesus’s great love for us. He is our vine and we are the grapes that grow from it. All living things need food and water to grow, but as God’s children we also need so much more to grow spiritually. This year the children will walk their faith journey together and also with all of us at St. Therese. Pray for them as they learn their prayers, as they learn of Jesus’ unconditional love for them, as they learn forgiveness and respect for all living things and the world around them.

Our Children Are Grateful
Our Kindergarten and 1st grade class are truly thankful for all God has blessed them with. All of the children have faced many challenges this year from school, to seeing family members, to just playing with friends. They have been so flexible and open to the environment in front of them. Above all of this they have remained humbly aware of what is most important and what they are thankful for this Thanksgiving. They echo each other to be thankful for their families, pets, their homes, and nature around them. This is proof that our St. Therese children are listening to Jesus and follow in his footsteps.









Epiphany BlessingEpiphany
The Christian Formation families, catechists, and aides started the new semester with check in by Dr. Weber on January 10th through Zoom. One of the items she shared with them was an Epiphany blessing for the entrances to our homes. Using the Sign of the Cross with the year and first letter of the names of the Three Kings(Kaspar, Melchioir, Balthesar), the upper door frame or entrance is marked with chalk. 20 + K + M + B + 21 was written on the driveway as an entrance with the prayer provided in an email said by the family.

Valentine’s Day Flowers

Valentine’s Day is a day we tell and show people we love and care for them. It is important to remember that Jesus does this for us everyday. We can show our love for Jesus by following his example everyday as well. We can be grateful for the family and friends that we have. We can tell them that we love them. We can show them by being helpful and kind to one another. The children of our Kindergarten/1st grade class were asked to display their Valentine’s flower in a place everyone can see it so they can remember how much Jesus loves us!


Stations of the Cross

Lenten Stations

As part of Dr. Weber’s Sunday class visit and instruction with families, the lenten practice of prayer includes the Stations of the Cross.  This was viewed and prayed communally the second Sunday of Lent. Everyone was reminded of the Way of the Cross  cards that were provided and can be prayed privately or with their family.

May Crowning

On Mother’s Day, we celebrated our heavenly mother at the liturgies with a crowned statue of Mary and prayers. Catholics are invited to create a prayer space during the month of May to honor Christ’s mother with a statue or picture, flowers, and a rosary.