Looking to host an event?   Want to add someone to the Prayer List?  Need to reserve a meeting space or request a setup? This is the place to find every form you need. Many of these forms are available to fill out right here, but if not, please print out a copy, fill it out and return it to the Parish at your earliest convenience.  All of these forms can be submitted via the “To Staff” mailbox in the Sacristy, US mail, fax, or in person. Thanks for your cooperation!

New Families

  • Parish Registration: Use this form to join the parish. Please note that receiving any sacrament requires Parish Membership and at least six months of active participation in the liturgy before preparation can begin. After that time, please contact the Parish Office to make your request.

Meetings & Money-Related

  • Check Requisition:  If you made a purchase for the parish, know the account number for your group, and would like to be reimbursed, please submit this form to Dr Guliano for approval.
  • Schedule Regular Meeting:  All meetings held at the parish, must be scheduled before the event is allowed to be held.  If you’re not sure if your dates were already requested, please check out the Events Calendar.
  • Special Event with or without Fundraising: If your group or committee would like to host an event that is beyond the scope of your regular meetings, this form needs to be filled out before the event will be approved.  Please note that two contacts from the parish are required.  If you are also collecting funds OR items, please also fill out the fundraising section of this form.  Specify how the funds should be used, and submit the summary after the event.  Please plan ahead, as the Finance/Administration committee, who will need to approve your event, meets only once a month.


  • Prayer List (online | download):  This list is published in our weekly bulletin and read at all of our weekend masses.
  • Mass Intentions: Each mass is said in honor of an intention.  Use this calendar to determine if the date you would like to request is available, then fill out the form right on the page.
  • Prayer Network: If you need prayers, but don’t want it to be published or read at mass, use our confidential prayer network.


  • Maintenance Request: Did you find a burned out light bulb or does the bathroom need toilet paper?  Use this form for simple upkeep requests.
  • Set -Up/Take-Down Equipment Request:  (online version coming soon!) If you have a need for a special setup at your regular meeting, you may request that our Building Services Team does the set-up and tear-down for you.  If your required set up is complicated, please draw a diagram of how you would like the setup to be.  (Please note that if this is a special event, please instead use the “Special Event” form below.)

Maintenance/Upkeep/Change of Environment Request Online Form

Date format should be mm/dd/yyyy.

Set-up Needed By
Event End Date