Thank you to all of you who attended the Annual Meeting on May 3rd. The food was great, the entertainment was rockin’, and the Jeopardy was entertaining!

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We are looking for stories from parishioners (old and new) about how living your Catholic faith at St. Therese has enriched and influenced your life. It can be a story of love, loss, celebration, sacrifice or struggle; a memory of someone or something that touched your life and made you smile; a reflection upon the peace your faith brings you. We know there are many such stories and we want to hear them and share them with our St. Therese community. If you have a faith story to share, please write it down and drop it in the collection basket with a label “Faith Story,” email it to us at FIOFchairs@sainttheresemilwaukee.org, or click on “Comments” immediately below this post and submit your story right here. We need these stories absolutely no later than March 29th. (Please note that by submitting your story, you are giving St. Therese permission to reproduce it in print documents for our Faith in Our Future Campaign.) We have “Faith in our Future” and we want to hear why you do, too!


Darian Borst, Michael Falk, Ann Maher, & Jesse Stringer

St. Therese “Faith in Our Future Capital Campaign” Chairpersons

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