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Class Notes: 2023-2024

Year End Picnic

Thank you everyone for a great year. See you in the fall!

May Crowning

In the church, the month of May is dedicated to Mary, the mother of Jesus.  A long time tradition is to have a May Crowning with a statue of Mary. A procession of Christian Formation students from St. Therese and St. Vincent Pallotti, catechists, aides, and parents brought up red roses to place in vases.  One of the first communicants then placed a crown of flowers on the statue of Mary.



Congratulations to our First Communicants Fritz, Madison, Eleanor, Sophia, and Cora.  Christine Reinders, coordinator and catechist for Reconciliation and First Holy Communion, their parents, and parishes were happy and proud of their participation in receiving Jesus.  May the joy they experienced upon receiving Jesus continue throughout their lives as well as ours.


Sacristy Tour

Christine Reinders, Coordinator and Catechist for First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion, invited Fr. Hugh, retired, to provide a tour of the St. Therese sacristy to the class, parents, and  high school students. This was enjoyed by all. The high school students with the First Communion students acted out the Last Supper.

RCIA Candidates

There are three candidates for receiving various sacraments of initiation (Baptism, Eucharist, or Confirmation) at the Easter Vigil this year at St. Therese Parish. They were presented at the cathedral the second week of Lent. The following Sundays in Lent involve the prayer of the Scrutinies and further instruction at the parish.

Stations of the Cross

Emphasis on praying the Stations of the Cross during Lent started with a children’s version.  After the Sunday liturgy the students, catechists, aides, and other adults used the pop up stations to supplement the prayers for the Way of the Cross.  The children were then instructed and encouraged to use this aid for their prayer part of Lent along with sacrifice, and giving.


Children's Liturgy of the Word

What do we look for in a friend? Someone who is kind, a good listener, who we like to spend time with, and will encourage us to make good choices or decisions. We come to church to strengthen our friendships with each other and Jesus. He is the Son of God and can do amazing things!


Gifts for the Epiphany

On the feast day of the Epiphany, the Christian formation families each agreed on a way that their family can grow together to deepen their faith. This continues the theme of WE FOLLOW JESUS. They discussed these ideas, agreed on some family activity, and then wrapped them as a gift to JESUS. The processional of families with their way to follow Jesus, was a proud moment and visual reminder for all to bring our personal gifts to the altar.  


Little Food Drive

Our Religious Education classes finished up our Hunger Task Force Food Drive on November 19th. Thanks to all students and families for participating. We donated about 75 items for local families.  Grade 2/3 class won the donut and milk party on Dec 3rd. A special thanks to Grade 4/5/6 class for their inspiration in getting this food drive started as they follow Jesus in helping others!


All Saints Day

In anticipation of All Saints’ Day, the younger students were costumed and the older ones read a short biography of certain saints. This presentation occurred during the Sunday liturgy prior to the Holy Day. In all, there were 13 "saints" who joined us for Mass on October 29th.


We Follow Jesus

As catechesis begins for St. Therese and St. Vincent Pallotti children, a collaborative banner was worked on by each classroom. This banner, when finished, will be displayed at the 9:00 St. Therese mass and will be carried out as the students go from church to classes. It will say “We Follow Jesus” and will have the students footprints included.


Meet the Team

K-12 Catechesis Coordinators  (2023-2024)

Supporting parents, guardians, and catechists nurture the faith journey of children attending St. Vincent Pallotti Parish and St. Therese Parish. 

Christine Reinders, Coordinator of First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion
Richard (Rick) Reinders, Coordinator of Teen Catechesis and Confirmation
Sister Marilyn Metz, Co-Coordinator of Preschool through Grade 8 Catechesis
Mary Rose Sanger, Co-Coordinator of Preschool through Grade 8 Catechesis


In Photo - Left to right: Christine Reinders, Richard Reinders, Sister Marilyn Metz, Mary Rose Sanger 


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