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Class Notes: 2023-2024

All Saints Day

In anticipation of All Saints’ Day, the younger students were costumed and the older ones read a short biography of certain saints. This presentation occurred during the Sunday liturgy prior to the Holy Day. In all, there were 13 "saints" who joined us for Mass on October 29th.


We Follow Jesus

As catechesis begins for St. Therese and St. Vincent Pallotti children, a collaborative banner was worked on by each classroom. This banner, when finished, will be displayed at the 9:00 St. Therese mass and will be carried out as the students go from church to classes. It will say “We Follow Jesus” and will have the students footprints included.


Meet the Team

K-12 Catechesis Coordinators  (2023-2024)

Supporting parents, guardians, and catechists nurture the faith journey of children attending St. Vincent Pallotti Parish and St. Therese Parish. 

Christine Reinders, Coordinator of First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion
Richard (Rick) Reinders, Coordinator of Teen Catechesis and Confirmation
Sister Marilyn Metz, Co-Coordinator of Preschool through Grade 8 Catechesis
Mary Rose Sanger, Co-Coordinator of Preschool through Grade 8 Catechesis


In Photo - Left to right: Christine Reinders, Richard Reinders, Sister Marilyn Metz, Mary Rose Sanger 


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